This isn’t exactly what people think when they hear self-care, but having good friends is such a huge factor of people’s emotional state that I don’t think people emphasize enough.

“You are the average of the five people you most associate with.”

-Tim Ferris

College has taught me a lot, but I think the most important lesson I’ve learned here is who I want to be and who I want to surround myself. I never really realized the bubble  lived in back home. Everyone I had been friends with were people that had the same basic morals and values I had, and even though we didn’t agree on everything, fundamentally we understood each other.

Coming to a whole new environment, it was a bit of a shock to be with people who just fundamentally didn’t have the same kind of values I had. And even if we got along, there were some things that I had to try really hard to deal with, and that was really hard to accept at first.

Before my parents left, my mom gave me some advice:

“Don’t only make friends with people who look and think like you.”

I had never really understood what she meant until I got here. This is something I think about a lot, because I know how easy it is to surround yourself with people like you, and unconsciously make yourself pretty ignorant to the world.

At the same time, you need to keep in mind the kind of things you value and what you stand for. And with that, not let people change you for the sake of being more like them. Especially if it’s for the worse.

I’m someone who really mirrors people I’m around, so I especially need to be conscious of who I’m surrounding myself with.

While you can feel like it’s your job to fix people and see the best person they can be, sometimes you need to step back and think of yourself. Take the time to think: is this what I want my life to look like?

Whatever you decide, and whoever you think is someone important enough to you to impact your life in such a huge way, I hope you guys are all living your best life and have a great weekend! There are more posts to come about sorority and college life — spring break is also coming up so stay tuned, it should be a good one!!


I went to Culprit Café and Bakery with my friends last week, and it was SO GOOD! Also, really pretty. I thought you guys would like some pretty pictures of food, and if you’re in Omaha, Nebraska you should definitely check this place out. Everything about this place was cute, and the fact that the food was to die for just added to reasons to go back!

College has been pretty crazy, as I suspected would happen, so I haven’t been as present on the blog as I was over break. With sorority stuff, making new friends and navigating a different major, it’s been a little hard to find any extra time. I’ve been having such a great experience this semester, and it really goes to show what kind of impact healthy relationships have on your life. I’m sure my life will have changed so much in another 6 months, but I feel so confident in where I am in life right now. A post about having positive people in your life and what a difference it makes will be coming soon, but for now, enjoy this pictures of food!

P.S. I’ve been spending more time on Spotify lately, and building some playlists, go check it out!

Guys!! I’m a sorority girl! Wow I never really pictured myself here but I’m so happy I am! I am a Theta Phi Alpha! It was a journey to get here; rush is probably the craziest, most hectic week I’ve experienced in a while. I think it’s the hardest because it’s all completely out of your control and you just have to *say it with me girls* trust the process. You will literally hear that sentence more times in this one week than you will for the rest of your life. Another thing that makes rush week a tad miserable is that you’re in heels all day. Waiting. Literally in heels waiting… ALL DAY. And when I say all day I don’t mean 9AM-5PM. I mean 8AM-12AM. They are some loooong days. Also, you have to be ready to be bubbly and list off your name, major, and hometown about 20 times while still finding a way to make yourself stick out in the swarm of girls.

It might sound miserable, but at the end of the day, I’m so happy I went through it. Even in the sororities I didn’t get a bid from, I met some truly amazing women. I mostly decided to rush to create an opportunity to meet more people. While we were waiting for parties and even in parties, I made some friends that aren’t even in Theta Phi, but who I can say hi to walking back to my dorm, or sit next to in class. So if you guys are even slightly interesting in meeting people or rushing, I would seriously consider it.

Anyway, on bid day when I opened the envelope that said the Theta Phi Alpha women were my new sisters, I so excited to be a part of the sisterhood! Here are a few pictures of us new pledges on bid day, they’re a little rough but it’s still cute lol.

Good morning everyone! It’s 2018, which is so weird to say, and I will most likely be writing 2017 on my papers for a solid month before I catch on… But here we are! As usual, there are a ton of people making New Years Resolutions, most of them including health. I commend people trying to better themselves, even if it does last for a short time. Something I’ve found that helps me keep something going longer is:

  1. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself–if you haven’t gone on a run in 3 months and your resolution is to workout every single day, chances are you’re going to let yourself down. Be realistic in what you can achieve, and make it something you can surpass instead of give up on.
  2. Make whatever you want to do fun–even if it’s giving up sugar or unhealthy food, go to the supermarket and get some veggies that you saw in a recipe you want to try. Treat yourself and go get an acaii bowl (which are both pretty and delicious). Do whatever you need to do to make bettering yourself fun and resolution-worthy.
  3. Whatever you plan to do, keep doing it–it takes about 21 to create a habit. Just 21 days for your body to start being hardwired to whatever you do. You can totally do that! Once you get through the initial weeks of resisting whatever the past temptation was (watching TV, drinking coffee, etc.) you won’t even feel the need to lean on those things you did in the past. You got this!

So with those positive little tips for the New Year, I have a few pictures of my favorite healthy food, acaii bowls, which happen to be very picture-worthy. If you guys are local to Denver, CO you should definitely go check this place out: Vitality Bowls in North Cherry Creek. They have an app where you can view all the menu options and even order it online! Use the invite code ‘KatLibby4390’ to rack up more points and eventually get a little treat! While it can’t be like this every day, it’s always a treat to have some yummy health food like this. I only wish there was one out in Nebraska where I go to school! The bowl I like to order the most is either the basic Vitality Bowl or the Warrior Bowl, but they’re honestly all delicious. 10/10 would recommend!

Here’s something extra I found on Pinterest that I thought was cute and helpful! Hope you guys are starting 2018 off right and having a great January so far!

What’s up guys! I went to get my hair cut today and got a little balayage (which took a LOT longer than I expected, like a whole 5 hours long–apparently I shouldn’t have been shocked by this) to lighten my hair. I have been wanting to go lighter for a while, and being home from college with nothing to do, I thought it was perfect timing for something a little different!

I loved the outcome, I mostly just wanted a change and I think this was perfect! I’ve never permanently dyed my hair like this before, so I was a little nervous and knew I needed to be open to whatever colors my hair reacted to. It turned out a little more golden than I was picturing, but in the end I’m really happy with it! We took a few pictures for my hair stylist’s portfolio, and then left, but I thought I’d share some shots my mom got of my hair!

And here are a couple my stylist sent me: