Happy New Year everyone! 2016 sounds like it was a pretty mixed year for everyone, but I have a few ideas of how to make 2017 the best it can be! I hope you all have already had a great New Years and first couple of days of January, but without further adieu, three things to make 2017 better than 2016:

1. Stop making unrealistic goals for yourself

I see so many poeple do this and let themselves down over and over again. Stop! Instead of going from literally never working out to saying you’re going to work out 5 days a week, MODERATE. Start by telling yourself you’ll do ten pushups before you get out the door every morning. Or designate Wednesdays for the day that you clear out no matter what to work out or go to yoga. Or instead of saying you’re going to get a 4.0 GPA when you’ve never gotten over a 3.2, hold yourself to going to meet with a teacher during office hours at least once a week, whether you need help or not. Whatever it is you decide to do, make it reachable. Goals are SO good to have, but they only work if they’re realistic.

2. Be honest

I know, so cliche, but it’s true!!!! Honesty IS the best policy– and it honestly ūüėČ makes your life so much easier, take it from me. Your life will immediately start going smoother if you (1) don’t do things you need to lie about and (2) are around friends and family that don’t make you feel like you have to lie. If someone loves you, they want to know who you are, the WHOLE you. It’s not a real relationship if you can’t be honest. Just trust me: it’ll make your life easier.

3. Turn up

Whether this means going to a party or having a girls night, it always means listening to good music! This can seriously make or break my morning, so whenever you’re feeling down, get the jamz goin and make the best of everything. And if you can’t, listen to some relaxing music, becuase there’s nothing wrong with having a rainy day in bed every once in a while. (Get ready for a self-promo) If you don’t have any tunes that you’re loving right now, go get inspired on my Soundcloud or even YouTube. Music and dogs are therapy. Seriously.


Okay well I hope you all enjoyed the first post of the New Year! Have a wonderful rest of winter break and I’ll see you soon!


Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago my mom and I went to Boston, Massachusetts. I got to tour a couple colleges and get to know the city as well as a few really cool people! My family doesn’t usually travel to the East Coast, so it was really fun seeing a different culture than Colorado or more west coast states like California. My mom and I rented out a condo in the Scotland Yard which was right on the water and near a bunch of super historical places, because our front door was a a block away from where the freedom picked up. It was beautiful fall weather, a little chilly, but gorgeous and I loved walking all around the city!

Of course, because we don’t have a Vineyard Vines in Denver, I had to make a little visit! There’s so much to love about Boston, I’ll definitely be applying to at least one college there! Enjoy the pictures and I hope you all had a great weekend!

img_2994 img_2993 img_2990 img_2991 img_2986

If you guys have noticed that I haven’t been around lately, and that the blog seemed to disappear for a while, don’t worry, I’m back! Making this blog the best it can be involves time off sometimes. You may notice that the blog looks slightly different and I hope you all love it!

Because the break from the blog has seemed so long, I thought I should update y’all on what’s happening in my life:

I’m on Thanksgiving break, and it seems like it’s finally winter! My family went up to Evergreen for the feast and it was so beautiful up there! Everything is so festive and the Christmas lights are already out. Our family has a cabin in Winter Park and I’m bringing a couple of friends up to go skiing and snowboarding for the weekend, since the runs just opened.

I also tagged along with my mom to Boston a couple weeks ago, and found so many cute things! I had been saving up for a shopping trip for a while, so be looking for a haul from there! I hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas season and I hope to be writing to you all a lot more– college apps have been draining on my time at the computer. Love you all and I hope you love the change for the blog as much as I do, see you next week!

P.S. Because of the delay on b

Hi everyone! Today is just going to be a quick post, since I’m a complete procrastinator and need to finish my summer homework assignments that are due tomorrow… Lol wups. Anyway, my friend Jonni’s mom has an adorable consignment store and we were taking some pictures for her when she decided she just wanted to feature my whole outfit! (This is the same store I covered a fashion show for almost a year ago!) Anyway, I figured if someone wanted to photograph my outfit I might as well show you guys. We’re going to be doing a few more little shoots like this in the near future so I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated! I hope you all had a great summer and are looking forward to doing great things in school this year– stay tuned for a couple back to school pieces of advice!

kjh kjb jh

Outfit details:

J. Jill top

Vineyard Vines belt

J. Crew chino shorts

KJP bracelet

She Believed She Could So She Did mantra band

Jack Rogers sandals

Alexander McQueen purse

Hello hello beautiful people! I recently went to a polo match in Colorado and had so much fun! I met so many interesting people and learned a little more about the actual sport polo. The drive there took us out in the middle of nowhere, and I was pretty skeptical driving into the entrance, because all I could see was brown grass and a pretty typical farm-looking place, besides the statues of polo players and horses that were absolutely beautiful! As we drove down this long driveway, we turned the corner and TA DA! There was the brightest green field of grass with all the polo players in their uniforms playing. We set up our picnic blanket, chairs, and cooler and started socializing!

Polo is such a fun game to watch– even though I secretly¬†wanted to try it out myself– and everyone there is so nice! They explained how their families had gotten into the sport, and what a¬†time commitement it is, but it’s worth it, because they were incredible! I’ll definitely be coming back! I was more caught up in the game than getting pictures, but here are a few:

IMG_2907 IMG_2915 IMG_2922 IMG_2932 IMG_2933 IMG_2939 IMG_2940 IMG_2945 IMG_2946

Outfit details:

Lilly Pulitzer dress

Jack Rogers sandals

Ran-Ban aviator sunglasses