Cincinnati College Experience

Hello everyone! I feel like it’s been a pretty long time since I last blogged, but I’ve been pretty much nonstop traveling for the last month, and things have been pretty hectic, but I’m back! I recently went to Xavier University in Cincinnati for two weeks. I came a little early to stay with my grandma and visit with some of my family, and it’s good I did, because those two weeks at college were completely crammed with class and studying. The course I took was the “pre-med” course that consisted of physics, biology, and chemistry classes. At the end of the two weeks, a passing grade gets you a whole semester worth of college credit! As much as studying in the middle of July makes me want to cry, it was definitely worth it, and I made a lot of great friends while I was there!

Besides class and studying, we visited University of Cincinnati medical school, as well as went on a few excursions on the long weekend after our mid-term. These included Kings Island (an amusement park) and a trip to Newport, Kentucky where we went to the aquarium and the movies.

The people I met here absolutely made the experience what it was, and honestly made me wish I already went to school with them! But I’m excited to see what senior year has in store and I’ll hopefully see all these people in the future! One of my friends who I met in a similar setting about a year ago is from Texas, and is actually in Colorado for the week, so we’ve been hanging out a lot and are going to tour a few college here together, which gives me some hope that I’ll see some of these great people again too!

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