Boston, MA

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago my mom and I went to Boston, Massachusetts. I got to tour a couple colleges and get to know the city as well as a few really cool people! My family doesn’t usually travel to the East Coast, so it was really fun seeing a different culture than Colorado or more west coast states like California. My mom and I rented out a condo in the Scotland Yard which was right on the water and near a bunch of super historical places, because our front door was a a block away from where the freedom picked up. It was beautiful fall weather, a little chilly, but gorgeous and I loved walking all around the city!

Of course, because we don’t have a Vineyard Vines in Denver, I had to make a little visit! There’s so much to love about Boston, I’ll definitely be applying to at least one college there! Enjoy the pictures and I hope you all had a great weekend!

img_2994 img_2993 img_2990 img_2991 img_2986


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