Why You Should Play At Least One Sport in High School

Hello everyone! I know most of you see the fashion and travel-loving side of me on this blog, but there’s a whole other aspect of me that you guys don’t see: the athlete. Since I able to walk, I’ve been throwing a ball around with my dad. While applying for college and having to talk about myself more than I ever have before, I’ve realized that these sports (I’ve played a sport every season of the year since I was 6 years old) have shaped me the person I am today. It’s funny, most of us don’t realize what’s forming us into who we are until we have time to reflect on it. Wondering why I have some of the personality traits and weird quirks that I do, and why most of them lead back to sports. So looking back on my childhood, here are some reasons I think you should try at least one sport during high school:

Health benefits

This is a bit of an obvious reason, but a lot of kids don’t get the exercise they need in high school. Elementary school had recess and PE classes where it was “cool” and fun to actually be active, but the older you get, the less chances you have to work out. This doesn’t get easier in college, or in the work force.

Keeps you awake in school

Going off the exercise aspect of sports, it’s a proven fact that getting all that crazy energy out before you sit down and start working helps a lot with focus. When I played basketball we had 7:00am optional shootarounds in the morning. The days that I got up and went to those, I actually felt MORE energized than when I got up at the normal time and could focus more in class. Practice after school does the same thing for homework and studying.

Make friends

Since I was in kindergarten, playing sports have always been a huge part of me making friends. Some of my best friends were people I was on teams with. In elementary and middle school when my dad coached my teams, the other dads who coached with him were family friends that were a huge part of my growing up. There are so may bonds you make with people going through the hard work and time it takes to play a sport.

Learn how to deal with failure

While you’re putting in all this hard work and time, it seems like you should win just because of how hard you work. But other teams are working just as hard as you, and sometimes you lose. This is true in so many different aspects of life. Sometimes you give it your all and do the absolute best you can, and someone else comes out on top. This is a lesson of life. You get up and try again.

Working together with others towards one goal

A lot of team sports are almost impossible to excel in if the team is relying on one player, or if one player refuses to be part of the team. The amount of group effort to keep your team together on an emotional level as well as a physical level (making sure they don’t feel overworked or underappreciated) can be a burden sometimes. But this, just like many of these reasons, is a lesson of life. Learning to work with people (that you bareknow sometimes


In this day and age, it’s normal to move on quickly. If you get bored, you go on to the next thing. I don’t think trying new things is bad, but I think if you tell other people that you’re going to commit, than you should commit. Being on a team took the focus off ME and onto the people I would be letting down if I just decided to skip practice because I didn’t feel like going. I have a ton of respect for someone who sticks with their word, because it’s so rare to find people like that nowadays.

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I hope you guys liked the post, and you’ll be hearing a lot more from me now. If you haven’t guessed, I’m done with high school sports, since I won’t be playing a spring sport this year. I’ll have a lot more free time, so prepare for more content from me and have a great weekend!

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