Target Face Masks vs. LUSH

It’ll be hard to find someone as passionate about pampering yourself as ME. I’m telling you, the amount of bubble baths I’ve taken, facials I’ve left on all day, and massages I’ve scammed my way into you would NOT believe. And now I’m here to give you a few tips! Normally I try to avoid shopping at Target (I end up wasting all my money on things I don’t need), but I’ve found a new reason to go there! THE. FACE. MASKS. Guys. They’re $2 at the VERY most. So of course, I couldn’t afford not to buy at least 50 (it’s a bargain, okay?!). There are a few different versions of face masks so I took the liberty of picking out a few of each kind and trying them out to review for you guys. I’ll also be reviewing the Lush mask I got to compare.  So let the pampering begin:

Target facials

These Target facials are SUPER refreshing and I’m addicted. They’re so inexpensive and there’s always a new fun “flavor” (I’m not sure what to call it) to try.

There are also different types of masks. These include peel-off, coffee scrub, and paper masks (which looks like a tortilla that has holes for your mouth and eyes). I like them all but wouldn’t recommend any peel-off masks to people with sensitive skin, stick to the mud masks you can rinse off with warm water after 20 minutes. Personally, those are my favorite anyway, and it’s what I’m using in the pictures below.

Like I said, I love these all & love that they make it so much easier to pamper yourself without cleaning your wallet out.




And then the bass dropped…


But I seriously love these masks, my face feels so clean and rejuvenated afterwards!

LUSH products

I personally love all LUSH products. They’re so aesthetically pleasing and they all smell incredible. I recently got three things that I’m dying over, which I’ll show below, but I’ll mainly be talking about the facial.

Most of their facials are fresh, so they have to be refrigerated. This can be kind of weird keeping my beauty products where my family keeps the food, but I really like that it’s cool and refreshing, and the ingredients really are fresh!

They all smell delicious, but I personally like minty or fruity flavors. I’m not crazy about coffee scrubs or earthy scents because a huge part of the “treat yo ‘self” facial aspect is in the smell for me. I’ll link the pictures below so you can get a feel for the prices for each product. The only reason I don’t constantly use LUSH products is because it can add up pretty quickly.

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