Life Update for 2017

Hi everyone! My life has been a little crazy, but a good crazy, where I have time to do things that I love doing, instead of obligations that can make my life a little too hectic sometimes. I’ve been doing more beauty and fashion related posts lately, and thought it would be a good opportunity to let you guys know how I’m doing and what’s been going on behind the scenes of!


Being a second semester senior, entering into the last full month of high school has been crazy! It’s definitely hard to stay motivated, but talking about college and how it’s all going to be next year makes me wish I was talking about this more earlier. Little freshman Kat thought that college was a million years away, and didn’t think that forgetting to do homework for History class was going to affect my future. Let me tell you– IT DOES. It’s all turned out fine and I’m touring some great colleges and getting scholarships, but I know if I had worked harder earlier I could be getting maybe double that. Anyway, I’m really excited to be graduating high school and can’t wait to see what’s in store for me!

Also, shout out to Emily for taking my senior pictures! I love the way they turned out and would highly recommend her to any upcoming seniors looking for a good photographer that has good pricing. Check out her website here.



I’m a 10 letter athlete coming out of high school, and would be a 12 letter athlete if I had done a sport every season. I’ve had a great time playing a sport every season since I was about six years old, and I’ll definitely have my children play sports too, but for my senior year, I didn’t run cross country or play soccer. My parents coach a middle school cross country team so I still helped with their practices (which were only 3 days a week, so it was a perfect medium) and I had a pretty long basketball season, and by the time it ended, I wasn’t up for another sport to immediately follow that. My high school also offers an opportunity to do an internship for the last two class periods of the day. Going to Anschutz Medical Campus and then rushing back to practice wasn’t something I wanted to be doing every day either.


Speaking of the internship, I have loved being here! It almost feels like I don’t go to school half the time. I feel like Carrie from The Carrie Diaries, but not as glamorous. Every week I work more than 5 hours (which is the internship requirement), I get paid by the hour! They offered me a full-time job in the summer, so I might end up actually working here. There’s also a Vineyard Vines opening in Denver (I’m SO happy), and I applied for a job there too. With no retail experience, I’m not sure how great the chances of me getting a job are, but it’s good to know I have a backup that would look GREAT on my resume!


I sort of stopped blogging for a few months, and that was mainly because of basketball. I managed to stay on top of my grades, but it was one of the most intense seasons I’ve ever had in any sport. Once I got back to blogging I realized how much I missed it and how much it helps me recharge and reflect. I also started writing in my journal again, which is nice to have something for just me to think things out on a page. I’m hoping to start making more content and taking more pictures (which have been lacking recently), and it’s the constant emails that another one of you guys have subscribed that keeps me going! My dad subscribed recently and it’s SO funny when he reads my blog posts– if you’re reading this, HI PAPA! 🙂 If you guys have any feedback, I made a form for you guys to fill out, or just comment on one of my blog posts, if there’s anything you want to see!




Personally, I’m feeling really good. Waiting for colleges to give you an answer, waiting for the school year to be over, just WAITING has been a constant thing for a while now. Now that I’ve heard back from all my colleges and I’m in the last full month of high school, I feel like things are starting to move along. I’m writing, taking pictures, traveling, and meeting so many people along the way! I think when you are happy and being yourself, people are naturally drawn to your confidence and positivity, or at least that’s how it’s been feeling recently– I think the good weather is helping a little too.



My faith has been especially strong lately. I was feeling pretty alone, and didn’t really understand why. On my senior retreat I saw God working through so many people around me, and realized that I hadn’t once asked God for a little help throughout this whole thing. Now that I’m paying more attention to my faith, it’s becoming more and more clear that the loneliness was a huge part of being distant from Him. Seeing the Lord act more and more in my life helps me appreciate the small things, and I’m going to strive to see more of His love instead of everything that’s going wrong.



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