Orlando, FL

Hello my beautiful subscribers! (And if you just happened to stumble across this random blog, you’re beautiful too! But seriously, go subscribe, it’s a good time). I am having the time of my life here in Florida! Starting summer vacation a little early is ALWAYS the way to go. We have had the most beautiful weather, and even if it does get hot, I’m surrounded by the three different amazing pools that I can go to (which is where I’ve been spending most of my days anyway.

It’s actually finals week for seniors, but when my mom had a trip to Florida and invited me, finals didn’t seem like a very good reason to stay… It’s okay guys I only have 3 to take and I’m taking them next Monday. I would have rather gotten them over with, but my principle didn’t seem very ready to bend to my schedule… Understandable.

Image result for spongebob meme days later

I started writing this in Florida, but got distracted with relaxing and not doing anything, but I’m home now. Just finished finals today and am officially done with high school! I had a great time in Orlando and have a great pre-summer tan, which is good because I’m life guarding this summer and a base tan was definitely necessary. Anyway, enjoy these pictures and add me on Snapchat to follow me on other adventures like this one (@kat_libby)!

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