Graduating High School!

If you guys follow my Instagram (@kat.libby) you’d know that I graduated high school this past weekend. It’s been a crazy past few days going from graduation party to graduation party, and trying to balance all that with becoming certified as a lifeguard and swim instructor. It’s been busy, but a good bus because I’ve been loving everything I’m doing– not necessarily sitting in a classroom for life guarding, but I’m excited to start working at the pool! 

Anyway, my favorite part of it all that kicked off the weekend festivities was my actual graduation ceremony! It was so special to finish out high school with all my friends and see how much we’ve all changed since freshman year. I painted my monogram on my graduation cap and wore a white and gold Lilly Pulitzer dress that I actually got in Florida the week before. I want to do a haul on here, but am not really sure how to photograph it all. Would you guys want to see a try on haul? Let me know! For now, enjoy some pictures of me and my friends at graduation!

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