Camping and Canoeing with Friends + Summer Essentials

Hello my lovely readers!! This past weekend I went up to Horsetooth Reservoir with a few friends. We didn’t end up going there because of a pretty serious wildfire that seemed to be spreading all over the area. With that little surprise, we ended up at Carter Lake– about a 30 minute drive from where we had gone originally. Once we finally got there, we were more than happy to settle down, hang our hammocks up, and get the canoe going. It was a nice, hot day that made the cold lake river feel incredible, and drying off in the hammocks even better.

It was a great time listening to music and having such a fun time with my friends, and there were a few things that made the day a lot better because I had them handy, so I thought it was a perfect time for summer essentials!! (Scroll all the way to the end for the list of things I brought!).

IMG_0819 IMG_0846 IMG_0878


I’m sure there are many more, but these are the bare necessities ( that I honestly¬†carry around with me almost every single day. I had such a good time! I’ve been realizing that times like these are only going to happen if you make them happen! So text a few friends and get a plan going!! Let me know if there are any summer essentials you think I missed! Have a great rest of your summer¬†guys!!


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