Fall Fashion Picks

So it’s officially October, which I feel like completely snuck up on me, but I will welcome fall–because fall means piles of leaves, pumpkin carving, and most importantly, fall fashion! I compiled a few things I think embody autumn. I also have a Pinterest page dedicated solely to fall fashion, so go check it out! Once you’ve done that, check out these fun fall items I put together:

P.S. If you guys ever want some fall inspiration, go follow KJP on Instagram, they’re the cutest family/brand ever (and love fall… you’ll see) and I look at their pictures all the time for inspiration!

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  1. AML
    October 10, 2017 / 8:41 PM

    That Burberry side-fringe scarf is called a Happy Scarf! Love your blog, keep ’em coming!

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