Bootay Bag

Hello lovelies! Today I’m here to talk about a brand that I absolutely LOVE. You can probably already tell from the title, but that brand is Bootay Bag! And I don’t just love it because the company is based in Denver. Bootay Bag is a “monthly recurring subscription for women that allows you to cater your preferences to best fit your personal underwear needs” ( Each month you pay $12 for 2 pairs of cute undies. You get to set your preferences and choose the options ‘Always Thongs’, ‘Never Thongs’, or ‘Mix It Up’ for one of each. It’s so simple and is always a fun little treat in the mail!

On top of just the practicality and cuteness-factor of Bootay bag, they give back! They’re a philanthropic company that donates 1$ to the Melanoma Research Foundation for every Instagram post featuring a Bootay Bag with the hashtag #undermatters. “In addition, to this yearly contribution, you can often find us donating to other worthy causes like Breast Cancer awareness, the ASPCA and various women’s and children’s organizations” ( Overall, this is a great company, which is why I wanted to share it with you guys. I’ve been only happy with what I get from them every month and I think you guys will too! This fall, use the code ‘HELLOFALL’ for a 30% discount at checkout!

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