Ozark National Park, AR

Hey guys! Last weekend I went to Arkansas with a camping club at my college called the Trailblazers. I’m not a big camper. I love the outdoors, but most of the time we just go hike, snowboard, run… whatever we do, and then come back home since we’re so close to the mountains. It was so fun to sleep under the stars. The weather was beautiful and it was so fun falling asleep by the campfire (although I’m still working on getting the smell out of all my clothes, yay). I have a few pictures, but we didn’t have any service, so it was a really cool weekend to be completely living in the present, not worrying about keeping our Snapchat streaks and what people were posting on Instagram. I think everyone should try to take a little retreat like this every once in a while, it’s so good for the soul. Now I’m back and ready to push on through these few tests before Thanksgiving break, and then I get to come home! I’m excited and you guys should be looking forward to some Turkey Day blog posts. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Click on this pic for my girl Karen’s amazing vsco!! We had so much fun!

Looking rough after country living but #mems

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