Healthy Habits

Good morning everyone! It’s 2018, which is so weird to say, and I will most likely be writing 2017 on my papers for a solid month before I catch on… But here we are! As usual, there are a ton of people making New Years Resolutions, most of them including health. I commend people trying to better themselves, even if it does last for a short time. Something I’ve found that helps me keep something going longer is:

  1. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself–if you haven’t gone on a run in 3 months and your resolution is to workout every single day, chances are you’re going to let yourself down. Be realistic in what you can achieve, and make it something you can surpass instead of give up on.
  2. Make whatever you want to do fun–even if it’s giving up sugar or unhealthy food, go to the supermarket and get some veggies that you saw in a recipe you want to try. Treat yourself and go get an acaii bowl (which are both pretty and delicious). Do whatever you need to do to make bettering yourself fun and resolution-worthy.
  3. Whatever you plan to do, keep doing it–it takes about 21 to create a habit. Just 21 days for your body to start being hardwired to whatever you do. You can totally do that! Once you get through the initial weeks of resisting whatever the past temptation was (watching TV, drinking coffee, etc.) you won’t even feel the need to lean on those things you did in the past. You got this!

So with those positive little tips for the New Year, I have a few pictures of my favorite healthy food, acaii bowls, which happen to be very picture-worthy. If you guys are local to Denver, CO you should definitely go check this place out: Vitality Bowls┬áin North Cherry Creek. They have an app where you can view all the menu options and even order it online! Use the invite code ‘KatLibby4390’ to rack up more points and eventually get a little treat! While it can’t be like this every day, it’s always a treat to have some yummy health food like this. I only wish there was one out in Nebraska where I go to school! The bowl I like to order the most is either the basic Vitality Bowl or the Warrior Bowl, but they’re honestly all delicious. 10/10 would recommend!

Here’s something extra I found on Pinterest that I thought was cute and helpful! Hope you guys are starting 2018 off right and having a great January so far!

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