Thank you, to whoever happens to be reading this, for your interest in myself and my blog! It truly amazes me that there are people out there who are actually interested in what I have to say, so I’ll try to make it good! This is just a tidbit of my adventures, style, and (hopefully) some inspiration for all of you!

This blog is something that helped me examine my life from a different perspective and realize how much I could change to make it better– and I did. I stopped eating junk food, I stopped talking to people who put me down, I stopped doing things that I knew I would regret in the morning, I stopped doing anything that made me unhappy. A huge lesson I learned while “detoxifying” was that if you’re doing something you love, success and happiness will follow. We’re all searching for the same thing: to be happy. The thing that makes us all unique is how we try to find happiness. My main goal for this blog is, that while material things are fun and I will write about them, I want to help you guys understand that you don’t actually need any of these things to find validation, joy, approval, and just answers in general. I hope this blog brings you all happiness and inspiration!

But here’s a little about me:

I’m 19 and I use exclamation points way too much– I promise I don’t actually yell everything, it’s just all so exciting! I go to Creighton University in Omaha, NE. Smoothies are my go-to therapy, as well as Vance Joy’s voice. I’ve been lucky enough to already travel out of the country multiple times, and I’m sure I take it for granted at some level, but I try to truly appreciate every moment. I’ve always loved writing, but after being hired as a web designer, getting familiar with the software made me want to make my own blog! The longer I had it, the more I realized people were actually taking an interest in what I had to say. Now I’m more motivated to sit down and write, even in the craziest and most hectic times of life. I think it really helps me appreciate every day. I’m a firm believer of eliminating negativity from your life and making every day the best it can possibly be and being open to the craziest possibilities. Whatever shows up on this blog, I hope the time on here was worth it!