It’s long overdue for this post… we went almost 2 months ago! But yes, my family and I did go to Maine

at the end of the summer. It was kind of weird, I wasn’t leaving for college but I was saying goodbye to everyone because we were in Maine for 2 weeks and then when we got back, we immediately left on the college road trip to Creighton for move-in weekend.

Our family is from Cincinnati, OH but my great Uncle has a few cabins on South Twin Lake, my Aunt lives in a cute little town in Maine, and my Grandma and Grandpa have a lake house on a different lake, but similar area–so we were moving around a little bit–needless to say I never fully unpacked. My brother was flying in from Wisconsin, while the rest of us flew in from Denver, so we were stuck in Freeport for a day or two (I say “stuck” with extreme delight) waiting to get him from the airport so we could get up to the cabin. Freeport is such a cute little town and it’s home to the L. L. Bean flagship store (the one with the giant boot), yes, that one. Don’t worry, I now also have a very small L. L. Bean boot that I keep on my keychain.

Quick side note: My pink drink is a ‘Strawberry refresher with lemonade instead of water’–the perfect summer drink.

Once we got my brother and got out of Freeport, we stayed up at the cabins, which was probably the most relaxing and best vacation ever… even though it was hard for me to relax with college coming around the bend. If I had known how stressed I would be now, I probably would have taken some more time to relax. I went on boat rides, paddle boarded, read How the Red Fern Grows (for FUN, I know, a concept), learned how to boogey board, ate lobster by starlight, canoed, and pretty much anything else you can think of doing at a lake house. It’s so fun to be somewhere with family where you can truly be yourself, away from any and all distractions (did I mention, no wifi and sketchy cell service?).



On our way back to the airport, we stopped in the all-time cutest town called Kennebunkport (I have a Vineyard Vines hat to prove it) where there were ships and cobblestone roads and generally happy people. I love the culture the east coast has, it’s nothing like Europe, but it’s pretty significant compared the west where I’m used to. I had such a great time! It was a trip to remember… probably one of the most meaningful trips I’ve been on. Sorry this post took so long! I’ll try to be better about posting! Hope you’re having a great day and continue to be grateful for all the things in your life!

Couple goals ammirite?

Hey guys! I’ve wanted to show you what my dorm looks like, and just haven’t had the time… college has been crazy. This is my first YouTube video so it’s a little choppy, but I tried my best to show you what my room looks like. I didn’t go into my roommates side because I thought that would be sort of invasive haha. For those of you who are wondering, I live in a suite-style dorm, where I have one roommate and a bathroom that connects us to two other girls, who are our suite mates. I decorated a little bit and printed a bunch of pictures at Walgreens to make it a little more homey. Hope you guys enjoy!

If you guys have been here for a while, you’d know how much I love a good face mask–pretty much anything involving spa-essentials. I especially love skin care products because I feel like their main goal is to make you look like you as much as possible, instead of trying to make you want to look like something you just aren’t. Anyway, I used to have huge problems with my skin and would have breakouts all the time. I couldn’t help it, and it was really hard for me. I still deal with that a little bit, but it definitely helps that I stick to a pretty strict routine to try to help my skin be the best it can be (even though I find myself slipping up every once in a while, I try to stick to it). The biggest three I’m sure you’ve all heard before is: water, sleep, and taking your makeup off before you go to bed. Anyway, I try to stick to at least those three things, but here are some fun (and recommended) face masks you guys should try:

I’m actually about to get on an 8 hour train ride back to Denver (I’m in Omaha, NE at Creighton right now) and I’m bringing one to do on the train. Why not, right? Have a great weekend guys!

Hey guys! I made a little fall playlist! It’s just a few songs I love to listen to, with definitely a slower pace–more coffeehouse, walks in the rain, less turn up. Sometimes it’s nice to have a moment where you can slow everything down… John Mayer is a mood. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and are having a great day so far!


So it’s officially October, which I feel like completely snuck up on me, but I will welcome fall–because fall means piles of leaves, pumpkin carving, and most importantly, fall fashion! I compiled a few things I think embody autumn. I also have a Pinterest page dedicated solely to fall fashion, so go check it out! Once you’ve done that, check out these fun fall items I put together:

P.S. If you guys ever want some fall inspiration, go follow KJP on Instagram, they’re the cutest family/brand ever (and love fall… you’ll see) and I look at their pictures all the time for inspiration!