Hello my lovely readers!! This past weekend I went up to Horsetooth Reservoir with a few friends. We didn’t end up going there because of a pretty serious wildfire that seemed to be spreading all over the area. With that little surprise, we ended up at Carter Lake– about a 30 minute drive from where we had gone originally. Once we finally got there, we were more than happy to settle down, hang our hammocks up, and get the canoe going. It was a nice, hot day that made the cold lake river feel incredible, and drying off in the hammocks even better.

It was a great time listening to music and having such a fun time with my friends, and there were a few things that made the day a lot better because I had them handy, so I thought it was a perfect time for summer essentials!! (Scroll all the way to the end for the list of things I brought!).

IMG_0819 IMG_0846 IMG_0878


I’m sure there are many more, but these are the bare necessities (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ogQ0uge06o) that I honestly carry around with me almost every single day. I had such a good time! I’ve been realizing that times like these are only going to happen if you make them happen! So text a few friends and get a plan going!! Let me know if there are any summer essentials you think I missed! Have a great rest of your summer guys!!


I’ve been listening to the song Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld and I’m obsessed!! Lately I’ve experienced a lot of girl-on-girl hate, either around me or even to me personally. Whether it’s jealousy, anger, or insecurities, I feel like young women of our generation have started to view each other as competition rather than teammates. This has never made sense to me, because women are so “smart and strong and beautiful” as Hailee says. This song is so positive and uplifting and has a really good beat– I just love it! Im definitely in the same boat where I can be catty and mean, but I love playing this to help remind myself as well that when we empower each other we all benefit. Tearing each other down won’t do any good for anyone. I hope you guys like this, and if you do I’ll post a whole summer playlist! But for now, revel in the love we should have for one another, rather than ganging up on someone just to make yourself feel more validated. Love you guys and see you next post!!

The music video is really fun too (click on the picture):

If you guys follow my Instagram (@kat.libby) you’d know that I graduated high school this past weekend. It’s been a crazy past few days going from graduation party to graduation party, and trying to balance all that with becoming certified as a lifeguard and swim instructor. It’s been busy, but a good bus because I’ve been loving everything I’m doing– not necessarily sitting in a classroom for life guarding, but I’m excited to start working at the pool! 

Anyway, my favorite part of it all that kicked off the weekend festivities was my actual graduation ceremony! It was so special to finish out high school with all my friends and see how much we’ve all changed since freshman year. I painted my monogram on my graduation cap and wore a white and gold Lilly Pulitzer dress that I actually got in Florida the week before. I want to do a haul on here, but am not really sure how to photograph it all. Would you guys want to see a try on haul? Let me know! For now, enjoy some pictures of me and my friends at graduation!

Hello my beautiful subscribers! (And if you just happened to stumble across this random blog, you’re beautiful too! But seriously, go subscribe, it’s a good time). I am having the time of my life here in Florida! Starting summer vacation a little early is ALWAYS the way to go. We have had the most beautiful weather, and even if it does get hot, I’m surrounded by the three different amazing pools that I can go to (which is where I’ve been spending most of my days anyway.

It’s actually finals week for seniors, but when my mom had a trip to Florida and invited me, finals didn’t seem like a very good reason to stay… It’s okay guys I only have 3 to take and I’m taking them next Monday. I would have rather gotten them over with, but my principle didn’t seem very ready to bend to my schedule… Understandable.

Image result for spongebob meme days later

I started writing this in Florida, but got distracted with relaxing and not doing anything, but I’m home now. Just finished finals today and am officially done with high school! I had a great time in Orlando and have a great pre-summer tan, which is good because I’m life guarding this summer and a base tan was definitely necessary. Anyway, enjoy these pictures and add me on Snapchat to follow me on other adventures like this one (@kat_libby)!

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Hello everyone! I have been having so much fun finishing up my last year as a high school student (it’s so crazy to finally be able to say that!!). I’m never one to go all out for dances, but it’s always nice to have an excuse to pamper yourself. I did a little extra since it was my senior prom, baccalaureate mass, graduation, and a bunch of other events are coming up where I need to look semi-decent for.

Anyway, back to prom. One of my best guy friends asked me, which was super fun, and we decided to do white orchids for the corsage and boutonniere. My whole friend group rented a party bus which took us from pictures to dinner to prom, and then we all broke off into separate cars on the way to after prom, where we got to go ice-skating, play bumper cars, and laser tag until 2 a.m. I had such a good time hanging out with all my friends and dancing the night away! As for actual prom preparations, let me take you throughout the day of prom:

A few days before…

EYELASH EXTENSIONS // This may not have been the day of, but it was definitely something to prepare for prom with. I’ve never had eyelash extensions before, but graduation is coming up and I’m actually in Florida right now, so I wanted to look good without having to wear any makeup around the pool. I actually had a really good experience and am loving them so far! They’re pricey, but worth the investment in my opinion. My friend and I got 20/20 lashes, which is the most natural option, and they look great!

Day of prom… 

9 A.M.

LIFEGUARD SWIMMING PRETEST // Okay, definitely not prom prep… but I’m going to be a lifeguard this summer and since my schedule has been so hectic, there wasn’t another time I could do it. It actually helped me a lot, though, because it started my morning off with a really nice and calm cardio exercise… And I passed!! LOL.

11 P.M.

MANI & PEDI // I love getting my nails done and choosing from all the different colors. Whenever I look down at my hands because I’m writing something down or doing something on my phone, I get an instant mood boost when I see how good my nails look. I really like doing brighter colors, like baby pink or blue, because it lightens my day. Lol I’m literally the cheesiest person I know, but I honestly just feel more put together with pretty nails. #GirlBoss amirite?

Image result for girl boss nails gif

2 P.M.

BLOWOUT AT DRYBAR // This is honestly one of my favorite things to do. My hair always smells and looks so good afterwards, and I just love the atmosphere and aesthetic of it all. Their buttercup yellow everywhere makes me happy!

Image result for dry bar denver

3 P.M.

MAKEUP AND DRESS ON // I did my own makeup, because my eyelashes were the focal point of my face. I did a very light gold eye and regular concealer, highlight, bronzer… you know the drill. Then I put on my dress, grabbed the boutonniere, and we were out the door! Pictures were at 4:30 p.m. which actually ended up being a little rough because the sun was still pretty harsh, but everyone looked beautiful and we made the best out of everything (even when we showed up with a group of 24 at a restaurant who had lost our reservation… another story, another time). Enjoy these semi-decent photos of all of us!