Hey guys! I know most of us are pretty good at wasting time, and Netflix is a great way to do that, so why not waste your time watching something good?! Just kidding, I’m sure you guys all know when to work, and when it’s okay to take a movie night with the girls. For one of those nights, here are a few movies/shows on Netflix that I’ve really enjoyed:

  1. The Office – for a light mood when you need a laugh
  2. The Carrie Diaries – a sort of prequel to Sex & the City (one of my absolute favorite shows) that gives a fun high-school perspective into Carry Bradshaw’s life before she became so fabulous
  3. Forest Gump – this is just one of those movies everyone should see
    1. BONUS: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – okay, this isn’t on Netflix, but if you ever have the chance to watch this 10/10 would recommend
  4. Riverdale – I used to read the Archie
    comic books when I was little on road trips, so I was naturally super excited when I heard about this, it’s like a murder-mystery-take on the kids comic
  5. Scandal – this will make you paranoid about the government, but it’s SO good
  6. Hercules – because it’s me… and we needed a Disney movie in there
  7. Black Mirror – this is just a super trippy show that’s set in a futuristic dystopian society and it messes with your mind
  8. Friends – I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier but I LOVE THIS
  9. How to Steal a Million – Audrey Hepburn… need I say more?
  10. Barefoot in the Park – another oldie :))

BONUS: Stranger Things – I’m not a big scary movie person, but literally everyone I know loves this one, so I feel like I have to at least give it a try. I’ll keep you updated.

Hello lovelies! Today I’m here to talk about a brand that I absolutely LOVE. You can probably already tell from the title, but that brand is Bootay Bag! And I don’t just love it because the company is based in Denver. Bootay Bag is a “monthly recurring subscription for women that allows you to cater your preferences to best fit your personal underwear needs” (BootayBag.com). Each month you pay $12 for 2 pairs of cute undies. You get to set your preferences and choose the options ‘Always Thongs’, ‘Never Thongs’, or ‘Mix It Up’ for one of each. It’s so simple and is always a fun little treat in the mail!

On top of just the practicality and cuteness-factor of Bootay bag, they give back! They’re a philanthropic company that donates 1$ to the Melanoma Research Foundation for every Instagram post featuring a Bootay Bag with the hashtag #undermatters. “In addition, to this yearly contribution, you can often find us donating to other worthy causes like Breast Cancer awareness, the ASPCA and various women’s and children’s organizations” (BootayBag.com). Overall, this is a great company, which is why I wanted to share it with you guys. I’ve been only happy with what I get from them every month and I think you guys will too! This fall, use the code ‘HELLOFALL’ for a 30% discount at checkout!

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I know society puts a lot of pressure on you to be perfect–to be the student, the athlete, the prom queen… And not only that, but you have to be the BEST student, the BEST athlete, and the PRETTIEST prom queen all at the same time. It’s an impossible task, but most people around you seem like they have it all together. There’s never any vulnerability on Instagram, where the only parts of people’s lives you see are strategically plotted out so it looks like they live on a beach in some remote paradise, when in reality, they’re crying over a chemistry test or a struggling friendship or just not feeling like they’re enough… Just like you. That’s the big secret that no one wants to tell anyone: no one has it 100% together.

I’ve been struggling a lot with this too, and I told my mom how I just felt… tired. There was no other way to put it. She told me about a woman, Brene Brown, who has studied shame for years. She has TedTalks, a website to browse through, and a few books. I listened to about one of her TedTalks yesterday that was about 20 minutes long and I was literally getting chills up and down my arms because what she was saying resonated with me so deeply. She talks about vulerabilty and courage and everything everyone is afraid to talk about–and it’s so moving. I thought, if these videos are helping me so much, maybe it will help someone else, so I thought I could point you guys in the right direction if you feel like what you’ve been doing hasn’t been enough.

What’s up guys! I just got done with a very needed fall break. If you guys haven’t been following me, I go to Creighton University in Omaha, NE. College is definitely tough, but it’s really nice having these little breaks every once in a while. I got to visit with family, friends, and most importantly… my dog Carly (featured at the end of the video)!! It was really nice to have a break, but I’m back now and ready to get back onto the schoolwork part of college :/ I put this together to capture some memories, and tried to film most of what I was doing, but by the end of break, I pretty much just wanted to enjoy myself and be in the moment, so that’s why the last bit didn’t really have an outro. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this, and have a great week!

It’s long overdue for this post… we went almost 2 months ago! But yes, my family and I did go to Maine

at the end of the summer. It was kind of weird, I wasn’t leaving for college but I was saying goodbye to everyone because we were in Maine for 2 weeks and then when we got back, we immediately left on the college road trip to Creighton for move-in weekend.

Our family is from Cincinnati, OH but my great Uncle has a few cabins on South Twin Lake, my Aunt lives in a cute little town in Maine, and my Grandma and Grandpa have a lake house on a different lake, but similar area–so we were moving around a little bit–needless to say I never fully unpacked. My brother was flying in from Wisconsin, while the rest of us flew in from Denver, so we were stuck in Freeport for a day or two (I say “stuck” with extreme delight) waiting to get him from the airport so we could get up to the cabin. Freeport is such a cute little town and it’s home to the L. L. Bean flagship store (the one with the giant boot), yes, that one. Don’t worry, I now also have a very small L. L. Bean boot that I keep on my keychain.

Quick side note: My pink drink is a ‘Strawberry refresher with lemonade instead of water’–the perfect summer drink.

Once we got my brother and got out of Freeport, we stayed up at the cabins, which was probably the most relaxing and best vacation ever… even though it was hard for me to relax with college coming around the bend. If I had known how stressed I would be now, I probably would have taken some more time to relax. I went on boat rides, paddle boarded, read How the Red Fern Grows (for FUN, I know, a concept), learned how to boogey board, ate lobster by starlight, canoed, and pretty much anything else you can think of doing at a lake house. It’s so fun to be somewhere with family where you can truly be yourself, away from any and all distractions (did I mention, no wifi and sketchy cell service?).

On our way back to the airport, we stopped in the all-time cutest town called Kennebunkport (I have a Vineyard Vines hat to prove it) where there were ships and cobblestone roads and generally happy people. I love the culture the east coast has, it’s nothing like Europe, but it’s pretty significant compared the west where I’m used to. I had such a great time! It was a trip to remember… probably one of the most meaningful trips I’ve been on. Sorry this post took so long! I’ll try to be better about posting! Hope you’re having a great day and continue to be grateful for all the things in your life!

Couple goals ammirite?