Hello my beautiful best friends! Christmas has come and gone, and I hope you guys are all having a great winter break! It’s been a long journey to get to where I am this Christmas break, but this past semester of college has been one of the hardest but also most gratifying times of my life, and I’m thankful for it all. On one hand, I had to battle with, what at times, felt like an unbearable amount of anxiety. It felt like I was drowning and there was nothing I could do about it but try to distract myself, which usually didn’t work. It’s like you’re trying to run away from your own mind, which for those of you who have experienced this, know it’s an impossible thing to do.

[Sidenote: If you guys want to read a book about feeling like your body and mind is working against you, but finding a way to overcome it, Turtles All the Way Down by John Green does an excellent job at illustrating this realness of something like this. Okay, back to the life update.]

But as the months flew by, I also came to realize that getting out of my comfort zone and moving to a place where I knew no one and was about to try to major in an incredibly difficult degree when I didn’t even know (and still don’t really) what I wanted to with my life, was something that pushed me. And while I’m still trying to find a perfect balance of this crazy life, I think the challenges I had to overcome made me a little more confident in myself and what I’m capable of. My anxiety has gone down a ton because I know I’m giving all I can.

Another thing that really helped me make some genuine friends was letting people see who the real me is. Losing your normal and comfortable support group back home is something everyone is going through, and finding a good group of people who I felt like I can be myself around honestly makes everything so much better.

As you guys may have noticed in the title, I also have moved dorms. My roommate for first semester decided she belonged somewhere else, and is going to South Africa to teach children English. I’m so happy for her and wish her the best! I had a mutual friend whose roommate was also leaving Creighton, and who was in a dorm building where I knew more people anyway, so I decided to move in with her. I think it’s going to be so fun and such a great new experience (communal bathrooms and all–my first dorm building was suite style, aka private bathrooms, haha). We both love the soundtrack for the movie The Greatest Showman, so needless to say I’m already excited!

Speaking of new experiences, sorority recruitment is coming up! I know, I know, didn’t that happen in, like, August? Creighton does spring recruitment so the freshman have more time to settle into college-life before delving into the chaos of Greek life as well. I’m so excited to be going through this with my friends, and I’m even more excited to meet even more people!

Read, listen, & watching favorites:

READ: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

[If you want another great book on race issues, read Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin.]

LISTEN: Straightjacket – Quinn XCII

WATCH: The Greatest Showman

Hey guys! I’m from Colorado, and athleisure is basically the style for everyday life (you know us Coloradans). Anyway, I basically live in leggings here at college, and am usually dressed for a workout because my classes end so late I like to go straight to the gym instead of having to go all the way back up to my dorm room. These are a few things that I think are cute essentials to anyone’s closet if you guys like the comfy/athletic style I’ve been basically wearing my whole life. Since it’s getting colder I didn’t include any shorts… sorry my brain just isn’t there right now–Omaha is freezing. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy a few of these online shopping temptations!






Before you start reading this post, tune in to some classic Christmas songs that’ll put you in the mood for snow and hot cocoa right away! Now for some Christmas cheer…

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice… Little does Santa know I have a list too, and it’s much more fun! Hey folks, so I don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s officially Christmas season and that means Mistletoe by Justin Bieber is playing non-stop and Chestnut Praline lattes from Starbucks. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to mean snow just yet… Trust me, I’m waiting for that white Christmas. I always sort of have an on-going list, but I love seeing other people’s wish lists and getting ideas, so I thought this could be something fun for you guys to see. I by no means expect any of this, it’s just something fun to think about and thought maybe you guys could have fun with it too! So hit ‘play’ on the playlist I made for the holidays above if you haven’t already and enjoy some wishing (all the pictures are linked so just click to find them online)!

Hopefully this list helped you daydream a little at the very least, I know I did when I was making it  . It’s so fun to go through Pinterest and Instagram. I personally keep those kinds of things in a list in the notes section of my phone, and come back to it    for inspiration. But aren’t they all just essential?! Okay, maybe not, but they wouldn’t be too bad to have. Haha I had fun with this post, and hope you all are having a great Christmas season so far, not matter what you celebrate!

This is kind of a random post, but it really surprises me every time I find yet another person who doesn’t know about the Warren Miller movies. It’s basically only known by people who are big skiers or snowboarders–but it’s so well done and fills me with such a longing for adventure, I wish more people knew about them. Of course, having a love and respect for the mountain would help, but the pure videography is enough to just enjoy it.

Sort of like how The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of my favorite movies because of how beautiful the scenes and videography is, the Warren Miller films are something I look forward to every year. Regardless of whether you’re a skier or not, if you have any taste for travel or adventure, you’ll enjoy this. I’ll include a trailer for one of them, and then for my favorite scene in Walter Mitty, just because I feel like it  deserves some appreciation. Sorry this is such a random post, I just felt like Warren Miller needed some recognition.


Hey guys! Long time, no talk. I decided to take Thanksgiving break off, and stay away from my computer. It    was nice, but I missed the blog! My grandma was in town, and we had so much being girly (mani and pedis & shopping, of course). Anyway, during our little outing we went to Ulta, which is basically where I go if I need anything cosmetic, it’s like heaven, but more expensive– a lifetime gift card there (and Anthropology) is definitely one of my three Genie wishes. But I’m getting off track, I got a few things while we were there, mostly essentials I wanted to stock up on before I went back to being a broke college student. So these were a few things I got (I didn’t get a few obvious essentials, like mascara or blush because I’m not running low… yet):

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! It’s so nice to be able to pause everything, at least for a little bit. Now it’s time to grind for the last bit of the semester, and then we all get another break!!